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Controller Make-Overs

2015-01-24 17:04:06 by FudgeMellow

These are 3 controllers I reskinned with paint markers, the Wiimotes for a friend & the X-Box one for myself. It was pretty fun, not gonna lie. Might do commissions in the future.




2014-07-18 05:41:20 by FudgeMellow

Man, it's been a while since I got my profile updated in any way. Feels all fresh with the new pics.

Doing stuff

2014-01-12 09:05:03 by FudgeMellow

Art stuff. Doing art is nice. Feels good on the soul after such a long time without any real projects.


2013-05-15 21:30:43 by FudgeMellow

Er gerd, life.

Break-time Doodles

2011-11-27 15:20:49 by FudgeMellow

There can't be much better than watching awesome movies with your brother home for the break. ^u^

Break-time Doodles

What I do

2011-07-09 03:31:13 by FudgeMellow

So this is what I do in class... So much better than learning that crap they're trying to teach. :P Hehehe, it's all good, I pull off nice grades anyhow, I just entertain myself in the process. :}

What I do

A for Atheist

2011-03-23 19:21:21 by FudgeMellow

well, heard it was some sort of Atheist week or something so made a cool A to go along with it. just a sort of self identifying thing for me, seeing as i am one. :P had fun making it & i'm rather happy with it. well, woot for having a belief of some sort!

A for Atheist

i <3 Sharpies!

2010-12-28 19:11:44 by FudgeMellow

i've found out that i love to draw with Sharpies. :) SOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!! :D

i <3 Sharpies!

oh my.

2010-12-28 01:10:43 by FudgeMellow

i have so much art that i need to finish... why am i so lazy? i can't wait to finish them all but i never want to actually get around to finishing them. ._. i'm just weird.

i am SOOOOO sorry that this is about 2 days late now!! D: i really hope that you think it's worth it tho, i love these 2 guys & i drew them so recently!!! so yea, here's the pics that you've been patiently waiting for (thanks!) & their quick bios so you know what the heck you're looking at.
Yeti: a huge polar beast with massive paws that help with getting through the snow and demolishing anything in it's way. glowing blue eyes with black horns and claws are the only things that most can make out before the beast is upon them. the pads under the shaggy fur is also black. they have snow-white fur except for where blood stains it. they're know to be messy and extremely short tempered. while they're capable of being very loud, they have a habit of sneaking up on many a person.
Lava Serpent: great hulking beasts that are actually made of the lava they live in. no one's quite sure how they come to be but common belief is that they are either the spirit of the volcano itself or another enraged spirit still trapped on the planet. they glow from the inside out and have patches on the cheek, back of arm, and underbelly where the skin is made from some sort of clear material as opposed to the rest of the body which is hardened lava. the eyes bleed lava when they're in quick motion and their mouths lead directly to their fiery insides. the spines along the back glow from pure heat, they're actually hotter than the rest of the creature & burn like the sun itself. their mane of fire around their head and the flames that escape their tails is generated by the fire inside the creature and since it lives in lava, never die, constantly being regenerated by the creature's inner magma. the webbing in-between their claws and the strange glowing patches are the most venerable parts of the creature, but are extremely hard to puncture in the first place. the only real weakness of the beast would be cooling it. then it would harden into a solid mass of lava and die. since this has never been accomplished, no one knows if these beasts ever really die, or if they just plunge back into the belly of the earth to resurface again in another volcano when their currant home dies.
the thorough descriptions of my beauties. ^U^ hope you like!

PICKITUARES fer Rathaloskid!!!!!