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Super Palo Super Palo

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


that was great! nice, short, fun. ^U^ btw, you would say "enjoy it!" in English, not "it enjoy!" just for future reference. :) i realize that's how one would say that in Spanish, it's just backwards in English 'cause we're weird like that. :B love the style & hope to see more! :D WOO!

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Recycled Mario Recycled Mario

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Molossus from Batman Begins

by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard was the godly music that lidlurch was referring to at the end of your flash. You really ought to credit where your music comes from because it doesn't belong to you nor any other NG user. anyway, it was fairly enjoyable although i disapprove of the use of sprites all the time. the Mario that you drew was rather nice & the idea was a more original one, which quite a few NG flashes can't say for themselves. the story telling was alright, the end being my favorite. i thought it was weird when Mario started having seizure colors but cool all the same. over all it was decent. nice job!

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hrechkaness responds:

See "credits" for song references.... I would never claim to own something that isn't mine :P. As for the song name I took it from the movie trailer of "Dark Knight" which was the sequal and was labeled differently then. Yes it is also called Molossus from Batman Begins but it is also labeled as "Dark Knight Theme" by Hans Zimmer after it was produced again for the trailer music. That is where you may have got confused by the song name reference but I assure you that I would never claim a Hans Zimmer song to be mine :P. Aside from the song confusing I appreciate the rest of your review lol. I like both sprites and personal art so I wanted a way to combine them together. I only spent 3 days on this piece so this was the best I could come up with in that amount of time lol thx for the review!

Drift! Drift!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


as long as it's not pointlessly violent or anything along those unsoundly lines, then i WOULD like to see it because it looks to be a good flash of you want general people opinions. love the characters! haha!

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Pirate Launch Pirate Launch

Rated 5 / 5 stars

YES!!! (maybe?)

took me 68 days to reach that stupid treasure! SO FAR AWAY! it's really addicting & fun to play. the upgrades are nice & the game's not too hard or to easy. it takes a little getting used to at first but once you get the hang of it you're cruising. if you guys were to make next you should add the upgrades of more sea gulls, whales & mines. it would be a little crazier that way. love the music! i could play this as much as i liked & the music would never cease to fun & amusing to me. liked the style too! over all AWESOME!!!

The Great Siege The Great Siege

Rated 4 / 5 stars

pretty good over all

i enjoyed it but never finished. ork (however you spell it) boss was too much for my troops. he just mowed over everyone. all the other bosses were OK up to that point but that boss just blew me out of the water. i had a lv.5 catapult (beastly for all those saying it sucks) & lv.4 wall. he just mowed down all the troops i could send & ripped through my catapult. <:[ had all the buildings at max upgrade too. any ways, the game was pretty good with the different troop options, building upgrades & what-not. i think the tutorial for beginners flipped out on me. it stopped doing stuff after the send out a guy deal. i think that once the wall's knocked down the catapult should be able to shoot right in front of it's self to defend it. there should also be a STOP button for the army sending 'cause i found that i couldn't send something bigger sooner when i needed it. that also hurt the whole winning things process too. there should also be like a speed upgrade for the catapult. stone also appeared to be scarce a lot near the beginning & ran low really fast. could you also include a difficulty level selection next time? other than a few complaints here & there, very nice.

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Megaman X: RPG Chapter 0 Megaman X: RPG Chapter 0

Rated 4 / 5 stars

pretty nice stuff

i thought that it was pretty good if not really hard to grasp at first. what was with the dollars if you never used them? are they for the next game or something? it works pretty good. a little confusing 'till you got it going but learnable if you really want to play the game. i thought that it was decently fun as well. maybe just not my style. thus not a 10. but it DOES need a next part for all those who did really enjoy it & want a 2nd! keep the customers satisfied. :)

ChamberACR responds:

Yes, the money - and everything else you've aquired in this chapter - carry over to the next. Even some of the fundamentally simple choices you made will impact you later.

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FS: Hegira FS: Hegira

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Long time no New Grounds! ^^ Still love the work & you sound better than ever!! & I have a story about your music again because your composing is just that good.

The beginning sounds like waking up & being confused, & the 8-bit sound makes me think electrical. Sounds like a mech waking up in the depths of a deep-woods & it just processes its functionality and surroundings for a bit (has water damage & some abilities are short-circuited). It then starts the long journey of having to fight its way through the vicious inhabitants of the woods to escape, and heading off to a scientific-looking research facility on a cliff where it will presumably be returning home.
Once the facility is reached, the mech reaches the center, where there are scientists waiting. The mech opens up & a person is dropped out. The person then sprints out of the room, followed by other drones, & down the corridor towards light. There's a window, an escape route, but a mech steps out of a side door next to the window & blocks it. 2:59ish is when the person crashes through the glass of the building & plummets down the side of the cliff and into the sea with the mech.

FairSquare responds:

Thank you! Nice review and story :)

FS: Uniqa FS: Uniqa

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i like it

this gives me an aquatic but technological impression. i kinda imagine a blue/aqua seal type creature mixed with human just sort of exploring the ocean. there's more like, mechanical creatures with the natural creatures in the ocean too. even the ocean floor has machinery showing through in some areas. i can imagine the seal creature coming across a crevice full of machinery & mechanical things all creating & leaking pollution into the ocean. near the end, like, where the drums cut out at somewhere near 3:10, i imagine that's where the creature would find the heart of this random machinery. from beginning to end, everything slowly gets more mechanical, & at the end the creature is just overwhelmed by it.
i haven't written you a story kinda description in a review in forever, so i guess it's about time i did. :P i really like this one, i liked the echoy sound in the background, whatever that effecty musicalness was. that really is the root of the aquatic feel. also adds to the technological feel too. the strings were also very nice. i think it's well worth your work, good job! :)

FairSquare responds:

I never thought of this as an 'aqua' type of song, but now you mention it.. i kinda agree with you :p
I always like it when you describe what you imagine when you hear my music. It gives a new dimension to the song :)
Anyway, thanks for your review! :D

FS: Chasing Bananas FS: Chasing Bananas

Rated 5 / 5 stars

a fun tune

reminds me of video games yet again. faintly of Kirby actually. :P i liked it a lot, especially the bouncy feel to the music. :)
& that was a saxophone?? i thought it was just synth or a super tweaked violin. ._. i guess it's because i play sax so i know what it sounds like quite well. it just doesn't sound reedy like a real one does, is my best way to put it. i guess the tone quality best matches a soprano sax but could be alto as well, depending. (just got to hear a soprano this week! my friend next to me gets to play it & it's pretty cool! :D)
anyways, ignoring my rant about saxophones & that silliness, i liked it a lot is my point! :)

FairSquare responds:

Yeah, since i am restricted to using computer generated sounds and i am not a master in crafting sounds the sound of the sax isn't really realistic :p
Anyway, i'm glad you liked it and i hope you will continue to enjoy playing your sax :)

Recent Art Reviews

Forest Concept Forest Concept

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The variety of color in the environment's lighting makes it particularly appealing to look at. Nice work with the highlights detailing the branches in the center to draw attention to the back-lit lion. The simple texturing is nice for the overall consistency of quality in this picture, definitely feels like concept art.

Most noticeable area of improvement: your lion. Since it's the center of attention, its details are under the most scrutiny. The face is distinctly feline, props there, but the hind quarters do seem to look rather like a bear's. They're too thick & close to the front legs. My suggestion? Shading to separate the foreground hind leg from the background one to slim it that way, or some other form of shading to show more perspective since the hind leg seems to be viewed directly from the side, whereas the feline itself is at ~45 degree angle.

Overall: Lovely concept art, well done.

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tomedwards responds:

Thanks for your feedback! I agree the animal needs work, originally it was a quick placeholder for me later to replace with a more specific creature concept but I never got round to creating it xD Think I will edit it because looking at it now I think it needs some lighting work too. Bounced light etc :) And of course more detail. Hadn't noticed the perspective issue with the legs though so thanks for pointing that out!

Combat Mech Combat Mech

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Of all your robots, this has got to be my favorite.
Maybe it's the small amount of red coloring that really spices things up, or maybe it's the deep contrast in the joints where all the gears & under-machinery is. It probably also has to do with the fact that this reminds me of a Longbow from Mechwarriors 4, & that was definitely a game I adored. (Did you ever play? Some of your other robots seem like they have some elements of that series.)

Anywho, this one has well-done shading that makes it curve & start to come out of the page very nicely. The lines are nice, neat, & uniform in this one; looks very clean-cut. The perspective on this one is good save for the face of the triangular gun barrel. It look pretty much front on, despite the rest of the barrel being angled, & that's skewing the perspective a bit. It should be angled a bit more to the left.
Another note that may or may not be relevant, but I'm not sure if the two feet are portrayed with exactly the same design. The left foot looks like the side-spikes are shorter than those on the right foot (I'm talking from the viewer's perspective btw). I think those are the 2 things I saw that were really an issue with this otherwise fantastic piece.

Hope that helps; lovely work!

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JUSTinnator3 responds:

I want to play a mechwarrior game, but I'm not in a position to get one. I'm guessing the Longbow has its limbs kind of on a single axle because mine dose. The shared elements maybe a coincidence.
The left side spike on the left foot didn't come out as planned, but I was drawing for fun, so I didn't care as much. I thought it looks long and thin at the end from the side view, but now it seems like that would be stretching things.
Your completely right about the triangle gun. I tried working with it a little but, again just drawing for fun, got impatient and thought it looked good enough. It then got a score of 2/5 so that's pretty much cause and effect.
Your the most helpful review I've gotten so far. Thanks. If you want me to look up a mecha warrior mech and draw it doing something, don't hesitate to ask.

Mass effect Halo armer Mass effect Halo armer

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I can't lie, I've been looking around at some of your stuff, & this is one of the ones I like better. I think this one has more contrast than some of your other drawings, which makes it look better right off the bat.
Looks like you probably do some of what I do too: draw it small & then scan/take a picture of it, which always make it look a bit more sketchy than it does in person. The top is a little blurry, which is an awful shame since the helm is a nice design & most of your interesting detail is in the upper half of the drawing.
I think that this drawing in particular has some of the neatest, most uniform lines (based on position by groups) of the drawings that I've seen, which makes it look cleaner as well. They're much straighter & the lines are pretty much the same shade the whole way through.

I guess if you would like to try improving these drawings further, I'd suggest trying to draw them bigger to give yourself more room to work with, first off. That'll probably take some practice just to adjust to the size change. Next I'd say start working on shading. Shading makes everything pop out beautifully when done well. That's a whole lot of practice needed right there, but you've got all the potential you need to ace it. I hope some of this helps, even if it's mixed up with my personal preferences.

Overall: very nice! The design is sweet & executed well. Bravo!

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JUSTinnator3 responds:

You are correct. I draw small all the time, and when I scan it it automatically gets blown up large. The blur is a side effect of scanning an old drawing that's still inside its sketch book. (I've got a lot of those but not the time to put em all up at once do to limited access and time.) The less blurry pictures are ones that were scanned at the library at an unusual price of "not free."
Your also correct about the next steps. I've drawn a few a bit bigger, like the "Crow 2.0," and it's hard and more time consuming but gives more room to work with. The shading may require a technique change with the addition of stabilizing the paper with another sheet of paper under my hand instead of smearing the first paper with my bear hand.