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Forest Concept Forest Concept

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The variety of color in the environment's lighting makes it particularly appealing to look at. Nice work with the highlights detailing the branches in the center to draw attention to the back-lit lion. The simple texturing is nice for the overall consistency of quality in this picture, definitely feels like concept art.

Most noticeable area of improvement: your lion. Since it's the center of attention, its details are under the most scrutiny. The face is distinctly feline, props there, but the hind quarters do seem to look rather like a bear's. They're too thick & close to the front legs. My suggestion? Shading to separate the foreground hind leg from the background one to slim it that way, or some other form of shading to show more perspective since the hind leg seems to be viewed directly from the side, whereas the feline itself is at ~45 degree angle.

Overall: Lovely concept art, well done.

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tomedwards responds:

Thanks for your feedback! I agree the animal needs work, originally it was a quick placeholder for me later to replace with a more specific creature concept but I never got round to creating it xD Think I will edit it because looking at it now I think it needs some lighting work too. Bounced light etc :) And of course more detail. Hadn't noticed the perspective issue with the legs though so thanks for pointing that out!

Combat Mech Combat Mech

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Of all your robots, this has got to be my favorite.
Maybe it's the small amount of red coloring that really spices things up, or maybe it's the deep contrast in the joints where all the gears & under-machinery is. It probably also has to do with the fact that this reminds me of a Longbow from Mechwarriors 4, & that was definitely a game I adored. (Did you ever play? Some of your other robots seem like they have some elements of that series.)

Anywho, this one has well-done shading that makes it curve & start to come out of the page very nicely. The lines are nice, neat, & uniform in this one; looks very clean-cut. The perspective on this one is good save for the face of the triangular gun barrel. It look pretty much front on, despite the rest of the barrel being angled, & that's skewing the perspective a bit. It should be angled a bit more to the left.
Another note that may or may not be relevant, but I'm not sure if the two feet are portrayed with exactly the same design. The left foot looks like the side-spikes are shorter than those on the right foot (I'm talking from the viewer's perspective btw). I think those are the 2 things I saw that were really an issue with this otherwise fantastic piece.

Hope that helps; lovely work!

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JUSTinnator3 responds:

I want to play a mechwarrior game, but I'm not in a position to get one. I'm guessing the Longbow has its limbs kind of on a single axle because mine dose. The shared elements maybe a coincidence.
The left side spike on the left foot didn't come out as planned, but I was drawing for fun, so I didn't care as much. I thought it looks long and thin at the end from the side view, but now it seems like that would be stretching things.
Your completely right about the triangle gun. I tried working with it a little but, again just drawing for fun, got impatient and thought it looked good enough. It then got a score of 2/5 so that's pretty much cause and effect.
Your the most helpful review I've gotten so far. Thanks. If you want me to look up a mecha warrior mech and draw it doing something, don't hesitate to ask.

Mass effect Halo armer Mass effect Halo armer

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I can't lie, I've been looking around at some of your stuff, & this is one of the ones I like better. I think this one has more contrast than some of your other drawings, which makes it look better right off the bat.
Looks like you probably do some of what I do too: draw it small & then scan/take a picture of it, which always make it look a bit more sketchy than it does in person. The top is a little blurry, which is an awful shame since the helm is a nice design & most of your interesting detail is in the upper half of the drawing.
I think that this drawing in particular has some of the neatest, most uniform lines (based on position by groups) of the drawings that I've seen, which makes it look cleaner as well. They're much straighter & the lines are pretty much the same shade the whole way through.

I guess if you would like to try improving these drawings further, I'd suggest trying to draw them bigger to give yourself more room to work with, first off. That'll probably take some practice just to adjust to the size change. Next I'd say start working on shading. Shading makes everything pop out beautifully when done well. That's a whole lot of practice needed right there, but you've got all the potential you need to ace it. I hope some of this helps, even if it's mixed up with my personal preferences.

Overall: very nice! The design is sweet & executed well. Bravo!

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JUSTinnator3 responds:

You are correct. I draw small all the time, and when I scan it it automatically gets blown up large. The blur is a side effect of scanning an old drawing that's still inside its sketch book. (I've got a lot of those but not the time to put em all up at once do to limited access and time.) The less blurry pictures are ones that were scanned at the library at an unusual price of "not free."
Your also correct about the next steps. I've drawn a few a bit bigger, like the "Crow 2.0," and it's hard and more time consuming but gives more room to work with. The shading may require a technique change with the addition of stabilizing the paper with another sheet of paper under my hand instead of smearing the first paper with my bear hand.

Mi florecilla del desierto Mi florecilla del desierto

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice coloration, picking soft tones with the smooth style blends super nicely. It's a super nice peaceful picture.

I just have to ask, is that inspired by the Flower easter-egg from Journey?

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bkesch responds:

Oh my God, I didn't even know there was an easter-egg!!! :o
Actually I got the inpiration from "The Little Prince" book, from when he meets a single desert flower and asks her where all the humans are... but yeah, I really was on the mood to do a desert scene after playing Journey :)
Thanks for the review!!

Lone Druid Pencil Drawing Lone Druid Pencil Drawing

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

If I may, a small loop of scotch tape or two usually holds the paper down pretty fine if you don't want your fingers in the picture. Also, if you have any sort of editing program to crop most of the edges off, it makes the picture look more professional & limits distractions from the artwork itself.

As for the artwork itself: I adore your attention to detail, it's great. The Druid itself is very nice, the varying shades of gray are nicely spaced and gives him an even overall tone & makes the drawing very clear. I notice there's only one colored piece, but it's very subtle. You should color it stronger so it stands out. I think it's also supposed to be glowing, but it's a bit hard to tell because it doesn't appear to light up the Druid's armor or reflect off the bear's fur at all. More shading on the colored stone itself would also aid that problem. The bear's fur is nicely done in a simpler style, but his paw looks disproportionately small. The shading on the two front legs of the bear is a bit disconcerting, it actually took me a minute there to find the other legs. Having what is supposed to be the far-side front paw have it's outline fully shaded in without being cut off by the fur on the bear's underside makes that leg appear to be on the viewer's side, as opposed to the opposite side of the bear.

Overall: Well done! Keep up the great work & I hope some of these tips & opinions were helpful to you.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Now that's cool!

maybe it's school and Edger Allen Poe on the mind, but as soon as i saw this my mind said "RAVEN!! so totally an awesome raven." also ravens and the sort do have more of that type of beak. i also really like the soft gray color of the plumage and how the tail and wing feathers are a nice strong black with white highlights at the tips. the armor looks great, they light tone of gray in it matching perfectly with the bird itself. my favorite part has to be the eye. the way you added a dark stripe over the patch of lighter gray makes it stand out nicely but not at all too much. a very nice amber color of the eye to match the brown armor too. if i'm not mistaken i think you added a smidge of light blue into the bird's gray plumage and into some of the armor as well. :) Taygun is a very charming beast as well, really like his webbed spines. this was a joy to see, always love your art! :D

ShadowElite951 responds:

Since Kenku are really raven humanoids I based her on different species in the corvid family, the magpie, collared crow, common raven, house crow, and white-necked raven. The brief descriptions that do describe Kenku have them in bland brown/black plumage. I like the unusual and orginal so I bent to rules in my favor. In birds there is sexual dichromism and the brief biography never depicted the color of the sexes. If that doesn't get my way there is a color morph called Xanthochromism. It removes a particular pigment so it is similar to albinism. In this case it is axanthism because the yellow/red pigment is gone.

That's what happens when you're a wildlife major...

Thank you! :D <3

Old One Mandala Old One Mandala

Rated 4 / 5 stars


that just looks cool. did you just make 1/4 of it and duplicate the other parts with a computer or something because the other parts from what i saw look exactly identical. i feel like the background and the spiky feel to the piece suggests that it would be used as lace for an old witch or something. or maybe just a doily. very intricate pattern. way cool! :)

Weenog responds:

yeah i did use the computer, realy not that hard to make. I used 1/8th, allows for alot more detail. thanks for the review ^^

Some Blue Some Blue

Rated 4 / 5 stars

i really like it

i like the collage feel to it. i just sort of enjoy the random. :} the way it's kind of laid back, it's nice & cool colored. but i also liked the bubbly bits in the bottom left & top right corners. i enjoyed looking at all the tiny separate designs & the way they melded together. you did real good for just having fun! :]

CalicoSimone responds:

Thanks! It was really fun to make (:

Superdeformed robot Superdeformed robot

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

lighter blue one

he looks more light-hearted than the darker blue one, too serious for my personality. the red one just looks downright evil & i like blue with gold better than red with gold, my personal preference. why do you ask?
he's a cool little bugger. l just really like the style & the smoothness of it. the way the darker ones have less white than the other colored one imply that they are less shiny to me. i like my robots more shiny, look more natural to me. but that's just me again. i like! :D

Master Chief Master Chief

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

well that's really spiffy

fav part has to be the visor, love the lighting on it! the background is really nice & the detail on the armor & sniper is awesome. my big beef is that both the arms should be longer & both the legs should be longer too. he looks short & squat as he is right now. a positive is at least you had the arms the same length as well as the legs if you were to make them short. :) the torso is a good size, it's just those darn limbs, i have trouble with 'em myself. amazing though as a general!

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